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Why Take the PSAT

The PSAT is a preliminary version of the SAT.   Students taking this test are not only given an invaluable opportunity to practice and compare their scores with other test takers from all over the country, but if they get high scores, they may also qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.

Who Should Take the PSAT

Sophomores looking to get an early start and juniors who want extended preparation for the SAT should prepare for the October PSAT.  To find out more about when you might want to take the PSAT, check out the SAT and PSAT timeline.

Reasons to Take the PSAT

  1. *The College Board SAT 2010 report shows that students who took the PSAT in their sophomore and junior academic years scored significantly higher on the SAT than those who did not.

  2. *Some students encounter test anxiety in high-stress testing situations.  Taking the PSAT gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the test-taking environment so that you are better prepared for the actual SAT exam.

  3. *Compare your test results with other students from all over the country.

  4. *Qualify for National Merit Scholarships and other awards.

Bad PSAT Scores

The PSAT is not used by colleges and universities to determine admissions.  Taking the test therefore can only benefit you; you have an opportunity to practice your test-taking skills and familiarize yourself with the testing environment as well as a chance to earn scholarship money for college.

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    -Nate S., student


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